12 Not So Obvious Ways Your Cat Loves You

Your cat…does not always show their love the way you think!

I found these items while searching for ways that our cats show their love. Some of these entries had never occured to me until I read them from a cat lover. There is sure a lot to understand when it comes to cat and kitten love.  I am particularly fond of number 12.

“1. Tolerates affection. My cat lets me kiss her, even though she clearly doesn’t like it. She may duck, but she doesn’t run away, and I consider this a victory.

2. Does not bite you. My cat has bitten all of my boyfriends to date. She has never, ever bitten me.

3. Does bite you. Biting playfully is a sign of affection. My cat doesn’t do this, she never plays. She is a sort of sentient, fluffy cushion, but I love her anyway.

I love rolling on my back to show my love!

4. Gets jealous. It took me ages to work out that my cat was jealous of my computer – but she definitely is.

5. Trips you up. Annoying perhaps, fatal, in the end (for you, not the cat). But when cats throw themselves to the ground in front of you or weave through your legs as you walk downstairs carrying a heavy tray of crockery, they are obviously telling you they idolise you.

6. Makes a point. As my friend Jennifer said, when her cat pooed on her duvet immediately after she returned home from holiday: “If he didn’t care, would he bother? I like to think not.”

7. Sulks. When I returned from a 10-day trip my cat refused to come out of the study for two days. But she wasn’t aloof enough to stop herself meowing delightedly whenever I went in there.

8. Sits on other parts of you. Like your head.

cat scratching9. Shows you their belly – the most vulnerable part of the cat. They trust you.

10. Stays. Or as my friend John says: “They let you live in the same house as they do.”

11. Doesn’t say no when you repeatedly ask “do you love me?” I take my cat’s silence on this issue as acquiescence.

12. And finally … maybe your cat doesn’t love you. At least, not in the way you think. There’s no need to anthropomorphise them. Cat love, I suspect, is deeper, truer and more mysterious than the human variety”


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