Is Fear Keeping Your Cat Away from the Litter Box



The fear your cat might be showing as avoiding the litter box could stem from his or her fear of the box itself, or of the place where the box is situated. If your cat associates a certain spot in the house with an unpleasant or traumatic experience, it could cause your cat to mess outside the litter box. Cats have good memories and will associate the litter box with the incident long after the ‘danger’ is gone. If simply moving the box is not an option, there are ways to help your cat overcome his or her fears.

  • Use positive reinforcement, such as treats and petting to help your cat relax in the room where the litter box is located.
  • There are attractants that will help lure your cat to the litter box that can are useful in overcoming the cat’s fears.
  • If you have recently gotten a new litter box, there could be something about the box that is frightening him or her.
  • Make sure that while the box is in a place that grants your cat some privacy, the area is also well-lit and warm.
  • Accompanying your cat partway to the litter box can help your friend to feel more secure. The need for this will diminish as the cat’s confidence grows.

Most cats who develop a fear their litter box because of past trouble in the area can be helped to overcome this with patience and kindness. Never punish your cat for messing on the rug or behind a chair, it will only make the animal more nervous and less likely to use the litter box in the future. GET YOUR CAT SPRAYING NO MORE HERE


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