Does Your Cat Do This?



Howdy all, just wanted to share a great photo of our outdoor cat BILLY, He is always around when my wife Lisa is out working in our yard. This photo shows hime curled up in one of Lisa’s flower trays.


Our outdoor cat Billy in Lisa’s flower pot

Image resource: this is a personal photo taken by Bryce Jackson.

More photos by Bryce Jackson

The following photo was taken many years ago while my wife and I were RVing (19 yrs on the road). Eloise was with us from the very start (1989) to 2007. What a sweet and loving cat she was. We will always remember her.


One of our RV cats ELOISE, reading her mouse book, she passed away in 2007.

This is a photo of KIRBY, one of our RV cats. KIRBY RVed with us from 1991 to 2007. He was always entertaining us with his antics… including climbing our RV ladder to get a better place to view the world from the top of our RV.


One of our two RV cats, KIRBY on his lookout shelf.. he also passed away in 2007 (right after ELOISE did)

This marks the end of our RV cats (1989 to 2007) . go to NEXT PAGE to see our current indoor cats.

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