9 Cats Who Love Flowers So Much They Should Be Florists


These cats love flowers very much.  They love them so much, that they really ought to consider a career as a florist!  These 9 pictures will show you just how much cats can get into the spirit of nature, and look very pretty doing it.  If you love cats, kittens, and flowers, than this gallery is going to blow you away!

Without further ado, here are 9 cats who could be a florist.

1. This cat who blends in with her favorite flowers

stop and smell the flowers...

source: Lolimages


2. This kitten who really loves those purple ones!

Pretty kitty

source: Pinterest


3. This grey kitten who loves to grab a hold of the pretty end.

cute animals | Another very funny and cute animals photos 4 | WireSmash

source: wiremash

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