10 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs


While my family has had both cats and dogs as pets in the past, our current four cats have never lived with dogs, nor have any dogs ever visited our home. Our last dog, a little Lhasa Apso named Mongo, met a tragic demise in 1994, when he escaped our fenced yard and trespassed into the enclosed yard of a neighbor to try to mate with his female Doberman. Ms. Dobie wasn’t having any part of his amorous but boistrous foreplay, and told him so quite vehemently. I’d like to think that Mongo went to the Rainbow Bridge with a smile on his homely but lovable little mug.

While I loved my dogs without reservation, I am of the opinion that cats make better pets.

10 – Cats Fit Better in an Apartment

Provided there is space enough for their supplies, up to two or three cats may get along quite well in a one-bedroom apartment. Of course, the human of the home must do his or her part too, by keeping the litter box(es) clean, and making sure uneaten wet food is disposed of promptly. The cats will do a pretty good job of keeping themselves clean, but you can also help by regular brushing or grooming and routinely clipping their claws.

9 – Feeding an 8 lb. Cat is Less $$$ Than Feeding a 50 lb. Dog

Food Costs for Cats:

Check out these comparisons of the cost of cat food vs the cost of dog food: My three male cats share one 5.5 oz. cans of premium cat food three times a day, supplemented by a timed-portion-controled serving of premium dry food. I pay $1.29 per can for the wet food and $23.99 for a 10 pound bag of dry food. Since presently Jenny eats only dry food, that 10 pound bag lasts roughly 28 cays.

After doing the math, my total daily cost for food is $3.87 for canned food and $0.85 for dry for a total of $4.72, about $1.18 per day, per cat.

Food Costs for Dogs:

To be completely fair, I’m going to take an average here and use $40 per month to feed an average sized dog. This will work out to $1.33 per day. ‘Nuff said.

8 – Indoor-Only Desirable for Cats

Cats will be much safer, and still can be purrfectly happy indoors, as long as they have the necessities:

  • Scratching Posts or Pads
  • Toys for Exercise
  • Clean Litter Boxes, Sufficient in Number
  • Climbing Tower
  • Bird Watching Window

Fresh air is usually easy to come by with a partially open window.

Big Dogs Need Exercise

Most dogs simply will not get enough exercise by being indoors all the time. Short of a “doggie treadmill,” large dogs really need to be able to run to keep their legs sturdy and strong, their lungs in good shape, and their weight within the correct range.

7 – Neighbors’ Cats Don’t Bark All Night

I don’t hate dogs at all. On the contrary, I’ve lived with and loved a number of dogs in years past. But I have to confess that hearing them barking day and night can be extremely annoying.

Sure, cats can make some noise at night, particular when they get into fights. Those are usually because their owners failed to neuter them and they’re either fighting over a female cat or territory. But I’ve never heard these fights last all night long. I wish I could say the same about some neighbors’ barking dogs. And strangely enough, it’s the little yippers and yappers who are the most disturbing.

Meows Are a Different Matter

On the other side of the coin, cats’ meows are pleasurable for the most part, although they can sometimes sound demanding.

6 – Kittens Are Cuter Than Pups

I have to admit that the above statement may seem to be rash, thoughtless, or even arrogant. Who am I to make such a positive statement, with absolutely no documentation to support the claim? Frankly, I think both kittens and puppies are adorable, and if I had the space and several humans to help me take care of them, I’d have a shelter which would accept kittens, puppies, and senior dogs and cats.
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