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One Saturday, our Animal Rescue Group of Northern Nevada (ARGONN) sponsored an adoption day for some of our fostered kittens. We fell in love with a black and white tuxedo kitten (looked like Kirby from our RV days.)


We were told that this little black and white kitten was a male. This little guy was really feisty and very forceful, so we named him Fonzi (after the FONZ on happy days). When fonzi was introduced to Fiona, something happened that we had not planned on. Fiona started playing with Fonzi immediately and we started to notice that her demeanor changed.. She became more loving towards us. From that point on, Fiona became a completely different adult cat. What a wonderful surprise for us to see Fiona begin to show her love for us.

A follow up on Fonzi, we took him to a vet to get his 1 yr shots. The vet finished and asked us very politely why we named our female kitten, Fonzi. Boy were we embarrised as we thought Fonzi was male and all this time she was female.


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