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OPIE laying on arm of our chair

Two years ago we once again rescued an adorable tabby cat named Lover Boy from another of ARGONN’s adoption events. We renamed him OPIE, as he was so adorable and reminded us of Opie from TV fame. Opie has certainly lived up to his given name as he is still quite loving to this day.

Opie is by far our most active cat. He loves to run around the housse a lot and especially loves going into our screened in porch to watch the birdies.

Our two females, Fiona and Fonzi are together a lot, especially on our bed for naps.  Opie is left out and wants us to play with him whenever possible. So usually when the girls are napping in the morning, OPIE is being played with in the Living Room.

They ALL get along with each other just fine, so we are blessed with that situation. In our small mobil home space we don’t have room for THREE litter boxes (the recommended # for 3 cats) and only have ONE. While this is not recommended, it works for us.  It does mean however, that we are frequently emptying our litter box.


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