[ARTICLE] How To Become Friends With a Feral Kitten Using Treats


HOWDY ALL,  My wife and I are volunteers with ARGONN, Animal Rescue Group of Northern Nevada. We routinely rescue feral mama cats with her kittens.  We spay the mama cat and socialize the kittens for adoption to loving homes. So we do understand why the following article is important for everyone to read.

Our kitchen cats, the group who live in the back lane, are a complex bunch. The ones I can touch, have been enticed into cages, taken to the vet, and neutered. Maybe the others saw this and decided they’d opt out but the ferals who maintain a safe distance at all times are, regretfully, “intact”.

I say regretfully because of the kittens. The ferals have batches of them, and most die within a few days of birth. Life on the streets is tough, and kittens are fragile, so it’s inevitable.

Part of me says this is nature at work. Cats have four kittens or so in a litter, because nature is hard. It’s the best way to ensure one or two survive to grow up. That part of me says that what I’m seeing is a wonder of creation, the world turning, a natural cycle that has been that way for thousands of years.



For a few minutes, little Stripy put aside his fears and dived into the delicious lunch. Photo: Ellen Whyte


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