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It did not take Billy very long to let us know that he wanted to come into our home. Fiona, our 9 yr old female tabbycat, was having none of that. She went into a “TIZZY” just looking at Billy through our windows. In addition to Fiona’s reaction, we had two other cats inside our small mobile home. We only had room for 1 litter box for 3 adult cats, so we felt we just could not bring Billy inside. A tough decision as that first year, Billy was an outdoor cat during the start of a cold winter in Northern Nevada.


Billy laying in Lisa’s Flower Container

Billy adjusted to living outside on our porch. He would always help us do any outdoor chore. He would follow us around and just wait for us to sit down in a chair… then he would leap up on our lap with the LOUDEST purr ever. He just wanted to be part of whatever we were doing.

Billy also learned to accept our feral cat colony. We belong to ARGONN, Animal Rescue Group of Northern Nevada and attempt to keep the feral cat population stable. We were feeding one other feral female cat at this time, and Billy and “Momma” (as we called the feral) always shared feeding time together.


Billy with his stitches

This Billy and Momma situation went on for a couple of years until Momma decided to leave in 2014. Also in 2014, Billy had a run in with a racoon one night. He was pretty torn up around his rear but doing a good job of taking care of his wound. We took Billy to our local vet to get stiched up. Billy recovered pretty rapidly and soon you could not tell anything had been wrong.

We live along a river and there is much wildlife around, coyotes, deer, racoons, eagles, hawks, etc.  Lots of ways feral cats and outdoor tame cats such as Billy can get into trouble. This was his ONLY injury while being with us.

Billy lived with us for almost 3 years until our park manager gave us the order to remove all outdoor cats from our home. Residents in the park were demanding that NO OUTDOOR CATS, feral or domestic be allowed in the park. We had to find a home for Billy.

Our feral cat colony also had to be gone.  We trapped our only feral and took him to the Reno Humane Society. We also helped a neighbor trap 2 ferals that she also took to the Reno Humane Society.


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  1. UPDATE on Billy …. He is still doing OUTSTANDING in his new home (now 5 months). He is LOVED all the time and has never asked to be let outside. He had enough of that routine with us. We are so happy he is happy.

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