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Back to Billy…. we created a flyer about what a great cat Billy was, along with many photos of him around our home, in the garden, etc. One evening we were out to dinner at our favorite restaurant with our favorite waitress. We gave her  packet about Billy with about 10 photos. She said she would show it around and help us find a home for Billy.

The very next week, we were back for dinner again, our favorite waitress was excited. She said she had decided to adopt Billy. She lives in a small appt. a few miles from the restaurant and cats are welcome there. She has never had a cat and thought she was alergic to cats. All of her co-workers had encouraged her to adopt Billy. She decided to take a chance and do it.


Billy looking down on me from our roof..

Six months passed and Billy and “MOM3” are very happy. Billy has adjusted quite quickly (like 1 day) to living full time indoors. He has not asked to go outside once. He sleeps with “MOM3” every night and she has not had any sign of being alergic to Billy.

Every week we get a Billy report from “MOM3” about how wonderful and loving he is. She is just ecstatic over sharing her life with Billy.

Finding a home for Billy was very difficult for Lisa and I, as we so LOVED him. We still miss him everytime we go outside to do anything. Yes, we have visited Billy in his new appt. home and we know that he is now in his “purrfect” home. The LOVE that “MOM3” shows him makes us KNOW FOR SURE, that we did an OUTSTANDING job in finding “MOM3” for Billy. We can feel the LOVE that exists in Billy’s life!

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  1. UPDATE on Billy …. He is still doing OUTSTANDING in his new home (now 5 months). He is LOVED all the time and has never asked to be let outside. He had enough of that routine with us. We are so happy he is happy.

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