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Howdy all, I ran across this site that was offering news about cats and thought that it was an interesting idea that I have not presented before. Hope you find the following cat news as interesting as I did. I will be on the lookout for more cat news to present in the near future.

Hope, Freedom, Amber & Flag

The World Trade Center recovery effort has brought much sadness but there have been many tales of bravery and survival. They include one very resourceful cat. Beneath the decimated area where the World Trade Center once stood, life was found in a forgotten basement. Rescuers discovered a blast survivor curled up in a carton of napkins. When the box was brought up, there were even more survivors– three kittens.

The mother cat found her way into a safe, secure area to give birth to the kittens in a box of napkins, which couldn’t be anymore safe, secure and cushioned for her kittens. Vets felt these little survivors needed names. Mom has been christened “Hope” and the babies are “Freedom”, “Amber” and “Flag.” It’s very fitting for a family determined to survive despite the close call. Vets predict a full recovery for the entire cat family.

Giant Puss Thomas

Thomas, the 10-year-old moggie can claim to be Britain’s fattest cat at Twenty-Eight pounds – scoffing four huge meals a day. Owner Gladys Jarvis of Banbury, Oxon said, “I’ve tried him on a diet, but he’s having none of it.”


Billy, our outdoor tabby, laying in Lisa’s Flower Box


British workers opened a sealed crate from Malaysia and couldn’t believe their eyes as a kitten stared back at them. It had survived for over a month by licking condensation off the crate’s walls. The tortoiseshell was tired and thin but instantly greeted workers with a friendly meow. Workers plucked the girl kitten from the crate and called the RSPCA. The kitten had crawled into the crate at the port of Penang and been sealed inside as it waited to be loaded to a ship. She then endured a voyage to South Hampton and lorry trip to Salisbury without food and light. The eight-week-old was named Flowerpot and will stay in quarantine for six months but a home as been lined up for her.

Smokey & Dotty

Thousands of plant-lovers travel miles to the Chelsea Flower Show each year, but none would risk their life to do so. However, four-month-old kittens Smokey and Dotty hitched a lift from their plant-nursery home in Hampshire to the showground in SW3 on the undercarriage of a lorry. For 60 miles they perched on a ledge only two feet from the ground, staying put even when it stopped at traffic lights. Ninety minutes later and three motorways later, the lorry finally came to a halt at the showground and the terrified cats were discovered. The cats are owned by Rosy Hardy, who has been exhibiting at the Flower Show for the 10th year running.

Major Benjie and Georgie

A pair of mischievous moggies had their owner in a cat flap after boosting the neighbourhood crime rate. Major Benjie and Georgie were caught red-handed following mysterious cat burglaries on the next door neighbour of their embarrassed owner Elaine Floodgate. Oriental tabby Major Benjie started the crimewave by sneaking through the neighbour’s cat flap and returning with a cuddly toy. Days later, the bold cat came home with more loot. Her other cat Georgie sneaked next door and made a beeline for an expensive watch left lying on a bench.

The cats were caught after the neighbour mentioned that things were disappearing. The penny dropped with the cats owners and now the criminal conspirators now banished from their neighbour’s house, have become peeping toms. They have taken to sitting on her bathroom ledge and staring at her in a menacing way.

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