Discover The Benefits of Living With Cats When You’re Ill


Howdy all, my wife and I have long known the health benefits for humans when living with pets. This article points out many of the reasons why it is wise to have pets around you. Since we are cat lovers, we have 3 cats living with us. We are constantly amazed at how wonderful we feel when our little cat friends show us their love. Hope you get some outstanding information from this article.

Millions of Americans have conditions that compromise their immune system, including diabetes, kidney failure, HIV, autoimmune disease, organ transplants, and cancer. An immunocompromised patient’s immune system is weakened either by the disease, or by the drugs used to treat the disease. As a result, these individuals have a reduced ability to fight off opportunistic infections which would normally not affect a healthy person.

cat-immunocompromised-e1452092520499Numerous studies have shown that pets have a beneficial effect on human health, most physicians now agree that by following simple, common sense guidelines, immunocompromised patients can minimize the risk of infection without having to give up their feline family members.

Keep cats indoors

Keeping cats indoors minimizes the risk of them catching diseases from birds, mice or other animals.

Practice safe food handling for all cat food

Wash off all surfaces and utensils that touched the food. Don’t prepare any other food on the same surface until it has been thoroughly cleaned. Wash your hands with soap and warm water after handling cat food.


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