Discover Why You Have a Litter Box Issue


Howdy all, I found this article in my daily inbox and thought it would shed some light on one of the cat issues. Our 3 cats use our litter box without any problems but we do know friends that have difficulty with their cats using their litter box regularly. There is almost always a major reason for cats suddenly stopping litter box usage.


Urinating outside of the litter box is one of the top reasons cats are surrendered to shelters, abused or put outside after years of being indoor pets. So after years and years of using the litter box with no problem, why do some cats suddenly stop being house trained? Contrary to popular belief, the cat is not staging a revolt. Rather, there is likely a reasonable explanation for this new, unwanted behavior.

OrangeCatinBlueLitterBox_192340511Reasons include a treatable bladder infection, switching to a new litter or introducing a new cat into the home.

The frequency of changing the litter is also important. Scooping the litter box twice a day is recommended. Who wants to continuously walk in their poop, right?





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