How Do You Feel About Your Forever Bond with Cats


catlovebabyHowdy all, well this subject runs deep in our household… My wife and I have been married for 30+ years and we have NO children between us. We have 6 children from prior marriages but our “children” are definitely our 3 cats (Fiona, Fonzi, and Opie). Prior to our current household of cats, we traveled in an RV for 19 years with 2 travel “children” Eloise and Kirby. Both were with us for most of our 19 yrs on the road. They suddenly in 2007, both passed away and it TOTALLY changed us. We felt it was time to settle down and get off the road.  It just did not feel right to be traveling in our RV without them.


For thousands of years humans have bonded with their cats, and today we recognize that that bond has no limits. The unique bond between cats and humans is awesome to behold and even more incredible to experience. Each day brings new pleasures, just by living side-by-side with one of Nature’s most beautiful, complex and mysterious creatures.

That this bond continues even beyond the grave is undeniable evidence of its capacity. Explore here the many facets of this powerful, everlasting bond.


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