How To Choose Your Kitten From a Litter


Howdy all, I must admit that my wife and I have never had to choose a kitten from a litter. We have always rescued out kittens from a shelter or rescue group. I found the suggestions in this article quite helpful. We will now be able to use these concepts the next time we run across a litter ready for adoption.

litterIf you are in the process of looking for and choosing a new kitten, you should only consider taking home a healthy one. Ideally a kitten should remain with its mother until the age of 8 weeks. Certainly he or she should not be taken away from their mother’s side before the age of 6 weeks.

If you can see your new kitten with its mother and siblings before you purchase, you will get an instant overall picture of the state of health of both the mother and her litter. This is a good starting point in assessing how healthy your kitten is generally.

There are, however a number of more specific signs you can and should look out for before you take a kitten home:


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