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ELOISE, our RV cat 1989-2007….reading about mice.

Howdy all, My wife and I have been together for 31 years and have always had at least 2 cats around us. We spent 19 years living full time in an RV and travelling around the U.S. Yes, we had 2 cats with us, Eloise (a tabby) and Kirby (Black and White). We rescued them while on the road when they were kittens and loved them so much. In 2007 they both passed away of sudden illness and we were devastated.

It seemed to be the end of our RV journey and in 2008 we sold our RV and settled down in a small community in Northern Nevada (Wadsworth).

It didn’t take us too long to rescue another tabby from the humane society of Reno, Fiona (female). Since that point we have now rescued several other cats, Billie, Fonzi and Opie. Fonzi(female) is a black and white tuxedo cat and Billie and Opie(males) are both tabbies.


Billy, our outdoor cat in his flower box

Our current residence is a mobile home park in Wadsworth, NV. We noticed a large number of feral cats in the park and began feeding them. This eventually lead to our joining of a local cat rescue group called Animal Rescue Group of Northern Nevada. ( ARGONN’s purpose is to rescue cats and dogs that have been abandoned and find forever homes for them. Argonn also is involved with the feral cat challenges that exist in almost every community. We TRAP, NEUTER, and RETURN (TNR) each feral, get them spayed or neutered, give them their shots and then return them to where they were trapped.

Argonn has an extensive Foster Family that takes care of the cats that are rescued until ARGONN can find them a forever home. We work very closely with the Reno Humane Society and Sparks SPCA organizations. These two organizations accept many of our fostered cats if ARGONN cannot adopt them out. To see ARGONN’s cats available go to


Our current 3 indoor cats, fonzi (top), fiona (middle), opie (bottom).. napping with Lisa

Our intent for this site is to show the LOVE that cats can bring into this world. Feral cats as well as domestic cats all can bring LOVE into each human experience.

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