Is Your Cat Afraid of Strangers


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Question: “Do your cats hate company.”

If your cat runs under your bed and refuses to come out whenever a stranger comes into your house, and refuses to come out no matter how long your guest remains.

OR, perhaps your cat refuses to be picked up by anyone, including you and screams bloody murder whenever they are picked up.


There is a range of “normal” social behavior for cats. There may be ways to increase their sociability, but first let’s look at why they act this way, using the H.I.S.S. Test.


If a cat is feeling bad, often prompts cats to become more reclusive. They may also have painful joints from arthritis, and so it hurts to be picked up, for example.


Cats instinctively protect themselves from danger. When they’ve been properly socialized as kittens, adult cats have learned to recognize what’s safe and what’s scary, and they react accordingly.

The prime socialization period for kittens is two to seven weeks of age! If you adopted your cat/kitten after 7 weeks, they may not be as social due to what happened to them in that period.

 The “stranger danger” instinct keeps cats from being injured by that strange dog, or the visiting toddler. This may be the cause of their strangness as caution is a good thing designed to protect cat/kitty.

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  1. Up to a year old, mine were people friendly. But, after that they are not keen on strangers coming to the house. No one hurt them because I am there with them. I think they are just fussy little divas.

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