Learn About the Life of a FERAL CAT


This multi-page article is quite lengthly as there is a magnitude of information available to describe the Life of a FERAL CAT. The right or wrong argument persists nationwide about the value of FERAL CATS. Their are some obvious pros and cons to this subject. I belong to ARGONN, Animal Rescue Group of Northern Nevada, and wish to present the following information to help you understand what a FERAL CAT is.


Dedicated to all the kind and caring people who give the lonely ferals a little care, a little love, and a little hope.

  • • I sit beneath the bushes as she fills my dish each day,

    • I only venture out to eat when she has gone away,

    • I know it will upset her when I turn away and hide,

    • As every day she tries her best to get me by her side.

    • I wish I could let her know that I don’t want to run,

    • And hope that she will understand it is nothing she’s done.

    • I’d like to have her stroke me and pat my weary head,

    • But fear will overcome and I’ll run and hide instead.

    • For all the kindly people who feed the strays each day,

    • I pray the Lord will care for them as they have cared for me today.

    ~Annette Eason

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