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Howdy all, I ran across this article while searching for something else. I just had to pass this along for everyone that knows the universe is always working for us. The key is that we just have to listen and observe the activity around us to get the messages. The lady in this article below did just that and wound up with a precious kitten.

20151028_140304-2-624x624My husband, Tom’s, biggest worry when I started volunteering at the Buddy Foundation animal shelter last fall was that I would want to take home every available cat and dog. That’s a reasonable worry, but not really logical. With four pets already – three cats and our English bulldog, Spike – we were pretty much at full household capacity.

I’d managed to work a few weeks without any mad impulses until one day when a new kitten appeared at the Foundation. Only three months old and weighing only three pounds, this tiny tiger-striped fur ball had just been rescued from Pike County Shelter where she’d been scheduled for euthanasia. Oblivious to the peril she had been in, she happily squeaked and squealed for attention all morning. Of course, every volunteer, myself included, had to stop by her kitty condo and pay her some much-needed love. Smitten with her lively, affectionate spirit, I went straight to her cage after finishing my duties, flung open the door and scooped her up.

That was the wrong thing to do. I had completely ignored protocol. Signs on her condo warned against contact because the kitten had not yet been to the vet and could possibly be infected with some contagious disease. All animals have to undergo a thorough veterinary workup before they can be released for adoption and this kitten had just arrived. Now my shirt was contaminated. I had to relinquish her and leave for home where I washed up and changed my clothes before making contact with my own cats.

I told Tom about her and thought about the kitten all week. The first thing I did when I returned the next week was go straight to her condo and inquire about her vet check. I was told that the kitten was completely healthy and would be available for adoption once she was a little older and a few pounds heavier. I scooped her up again and squished her against me, and she purred in delight. It was then that I realized, I didn’t know her name. I checked her condo door and my heart stopped.

The kitten’s name was Angie – the same name as my recently deceased mother. Who named a kitten Angie? And why of all the animals at the Foundation had she stolen my heart? There was only one answer. This furry little Angie had been heaven sent to me.

Before I could stop myself, I blurted, “Can I adopt her?”

A cheer went up around the room. Our Cat Coordinator, Sue Hensley, said that she’d make a special exception for me, a volunteer, and let this under-weight/under-aged kitten be released before her scheduled time. Panic immediately set in. Was I doing the right thing? What would Tom say? How would my own three cats react to this squeaky new addition to our family?

I set Angie back in her condo and ran into the hallway to call Tom.

“I’ve been waiting for this call,” he told me. “I knew someday you’d fall for one of those animals. We can handle only one more pet. Are you absolutely sure this kitten is one you want?”

“Her name’s Angie,” was my reply.

Tom laughed. “She’s the one,” he said. My panic subsided. I filled out all the forms, paid the fees, and brought my new kitten home later that same day.

I kept her separated from the other cats for a few days, but eventually, Angie joined our clowder. It’s been a true joy watching her play and grow and seep her way into my grieving heart. Thanks, Mom, for sending Angie my way.


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