[PHOTOS] Find Out How CALI CAT Helped Out On a Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary


HOWDY ALL, I thought this was an interesting story of how a stranger moved to America to work at a BIG CAT RESCUE in Tampa Florida.  He had no idea what was in store for him by Cali. Check this story out, you will enjoy it.

Cali Cat

I first moved to America in May 2008 to work at BIG CAT RESCUE, I lived on site in a trailer and had a leopard for a neighbor! Big Cat Rescue is a sanctuary in Tampa for rescued big cats, it was founded in 1992 in a pretty rural area, but since then outlets had sprung up around it and a mall was opened half a mile away in 1999. BCR had always done their part to help small cats too and any feral cats that wandered onto their property were trapped and fixed and then cared for at the sanctuary or adopted out with volunteers.


They even offer a FREE PASS for a tour at the sanctuary if you show them proof that you have spayed or neutered your cat/s in the past year! – “SPAY & PLAY” 🙂


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