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I ran across this very interesting information quite by accident one day when seaching for cat facts for my quarterly ARGONN (Animal Rescue Group of Northern Nevada newsletter.The original article has more than 20 but I chose the ones that I thought were most interesting to me.


Our RV cat Kirby, on his overlook in our RV

1. Cats are more popular than dogs in America. There are 88 million cats and 74 million dogs.

2. The righting reflex has helped some cats survive falls from over
32 stories onto solid ground.

3. A cat has 32 muscles in each ear that control their outer ear, whereas a human has only 6.

4. A cat named Stubbs has been the mayor for 15 years in Talkeetna, a small town in Alaska.

5. Cats cannot taste sweet things.

6. On an average, cats sleep for almost 70% of their lives, which means a nine-year-old cat has been awake for only three years.

7. The world’s longest cat is Stewie, measures 48.5 inches from the tip of his long tailbone to the edge of his whiskered nose.

8. According to researchers, keeping a cat as a pet reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes by nearly one third.

9. Adult cats never meow to each other but only to communicate with humans.

10. Cat cafes, where a person can drink coffee and hang out with cats, are becoming popular around the world.

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