[VIDEO] Frozen Kitten Update – Vet Visit


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Published on Feb 2, 2016
SEE LAZARUS’ RETURN VISIT TO THE VET: https://youtu.be/QUy6wfYKiI4Our little miracle kitten found frozen in the snow on Thanksgiving morning has been getting a lot of attention. And his first visit to the vet was no exception! It was great to be able to ask questions and get answers from the professionals at Riverwoods Pet Hospital in Provo, UT. We were also able to clarify some recurring comments we’ve seen on the various YouTube videos about why he was placed in the bathroom initially, what breed he is, why he’s not deaf or blind despite his white coat and blue eyes, and many other interests and concerns.Big thanks to Royal Canin for setting up the visit for us and a thank you to the camera crews and photographers who came out to cover it. And of course a huge thank you to all of you supporters and subscribers who continue to provide positive energy for this miraculous story of survival and recovery.

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