[VIDEO] Momma Cat Talking to Her Cute Kittens


Cats and Kittens In Love is Bryce and Lisa’s creation that presents our concept of LOVE between cats and kittens and humans. Also we present the LOVE between all animals and cats and kittens. Lastly the LOVE that exists between a Mama Cat and her Kittens is a theme that is presented throughout our facebook page (facebook.com/catsandkittensinlove) and our website (kittensinlove.com).


Howdy all, I just never get tired of looking at cute adorable kittens. This video is no exception to my rule… watch as many of these videos with kittens, especially kittens with their momma. I always feel just a little bit better after watching these videos.

Momma Cat talking to her Cute Kittens These Cute Kittens were born July 22, 2012. Soon Rocky, Rosy, Ruby, Raul and Rio will be celebrating their first birthday. This video is a chronicle of their first month of life.

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