[VIDEO] Rosie the Cat Goes on a Hike With Her Dogs


Cats and Kittens In Love is Bryce and Lisa’s creation that presents our concept of LOVE between cats and kittens and humans. Also we present the LOVE between all animals and cats and kittens. Lastly the LOVE that exists between a Mama Cat and her Kittens is a theme that is presented throughout our facebook page (facebook.com/catsandkittensinlove) and our website (kittensinlove.com).


Howdy all, The following video is pretty entertaining if you like HIKING. Even if you DON’T LIKE HIKING, it is still revealing. Rosie the cat with her camera is hiking with 3 large dogs and her human companions. The opening scenes are with the dogs playing around but stay tuned for Rosie. You many also enjoy the waterbreak and the ending scenes with Rosie and her 3 dogs.


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