What do You Know About Cat Butt Presentations

Howdy all, I came across this article when researching cat butt presentations. One of our cats Fiona (our 12 yr old) does this occasionally  to my wife. We never thought of this action the way that this article presents it.  If you have a preconceived idea about this subject, read on to view the perspective by this author Amy Shojai.

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Tail sniffing behavior is normal between cats and cat butt presentation is a part of cat talk. But it often surprises us when Fluffy leaps onto our lap for a petting session, turns around, and presents his (ahem) furry nether regions.

Why Cats Show Their Butt

cat buttThink of this from your cat’s perspective. When greeting each other for the first time (after the hissing stops!), cats sniff each other’s face and neck as a sort of “hello there.” This could be compared to you nodding a greeting to a stranger at first meeting.

Cats produce cheek pheromones that signal friendship, so sniffing this area can actually help calm feelings of aggression or fear.

Once they feel comfortable with each other the cats progress to sniffing flanks. That could be similar to a human “nice to meet you” polite handshake. This is the area that holds family scent of other cat’s body rubs, grooming, or a human’s petting hand so it tells the sniff-er quite a lot about the cat.

To find out about the final phase of cat butt presentation.


Article can be seen here…. cats.about.com

Image provided by David DeHetre/Creative Commons/Getty Image


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