What to know before ‘rescuing’ kittens


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Markie and Morrie, here again — very soon, irresponsible pet owners who never spayed their female cats will be giving birth to litters of kittens.  This is why Salem has a cat overpopulation problem.  So if you care feeding a stray, get it into the Willamette Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic as soon as possible.  There are grant opportunities, and most spay/neuters for stray cats are free.  If you need a trap, they can help with that too.

But if you see or find a mom and/or kittens, here’s what you should do.

635911501376915376-MarkieMorrieNewThe best chance a kitten has for survival is staying with its mother. Before you scoop up a litter of “abandoned” kittens, please be sure the kittens actually are abandoned. How do you tell?  If you find a single kitten wandering on its own, you should rescue it immediately. It was probably abandoned by an unscrupulous human.  If you find a litter of kittens together in a nest:





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