Why Is February Black Cat Month


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Howdy all, Black cats have always been an issue on adoptions in our area, particularly in October. The info that follows is from British Columbia but is also very true for Northern Nevada. My wife and I belong to ARGONN, animal rescue group of northern nevada. We have found that people who adopt black cats in October are not always wanting a pet. If you are trying to adopt out your black cat in October, be sure to do a good vetting before finalizing the adoption.


ARTICLE from British Columbia Follows

Apparently North Americans do think about the color of animals when it comes to picking out their pet – a lot.

Consciously or not, people are passing by black cats and dogs in animal shelters.

The problem is apparently so large that February has been deemed “Black Dog and Cat Syndrome Awareness Month.” It’s part of an ongoing educational effort to end the stigma around these animals, and help get them forever homes.

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