Zeb The Senior Cat “Living On Social Security”


HOWDY ALL, Well I didn’t really mean that he was getting any money, just that ZEB was an old rugged cat that needed help in living out his remaining life.

You don’t know what that means? Allow me to explain. Zeb is a senior FIV-positive cat with only one eye and four teeth. He was going about his business living life as a street cat until the day he was brought to the Cumberland County SPCA in New Jersey in December 2014. Beth Flor saw Zeb’s “unforgettable face” in a social media blast and was immediately charmed. She decided Zeb was the cat for her.

Now Zeb has become an Internet personality through his Facebook page.

“When you look at Zeb’s first photos from the shelter, there’s nothing particularly special about the ragged old man in them,” says Beth. “But he spoke to people, and people all over the globe were cheering for him.”

Having become a fixture on the feline social media circuit, Zeb uses his status to help other senior and special-needs cats in need of late-life forever homes. We asked Beth to tell us Zeb’s story.

Have you become totally Zebsessed yet?


What were your first impressions of Zeb? What’s he like as a cat?

When we first adopted Zeb, he was just getting over an upper respiratory infection and was so docile and sweet. Once he started feeling better and became comfortable with us, his inner grump came out.

A lot of people who follow his Facebook page are surprised to hear that he actually had a lot of behavioral problems his first couple months with us. But we worked through them and now he’s a total momma’s boy. If he sees me sitting or lying down somewhere, he has to be touching me, preferably as close to my face as possible.

He’s still a grumpy old man, but endearingly so. I’ve known a lot of overall sweeter cats in my life, but Zeb is still my favorite, by far. He has more character and is more hilarious than any cat I’ve ever met.


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